Privacy Statement

The website ("Website") of the Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme ("Scheme"") is developed and maintained by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council ("HKADC"). The HKADC shall comply with The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Cap. 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong and is committed to provide protection and endeavours to keep in strict confidence any personal data received by the HKADC. 
The following policies on privacy are applicable to this website directly operated by HKADC, and any other electronic communications and activities engaged under this website.

You are requested to read this privacy statement very carefully, so as to ensure that you fully understand how this website will handle your personal data when you are utilizing this website and the services in connection therewith. Your [continued] use of this Website constitutes your acceptance to the liability and policy statement posted hereunder. HKADC may amend, vary or add to this policy statement without any notice to you. Please check this Website regularly for the relevant policy statement. If you continue to use this Website after the amendment of the policy statement, you are deemed to have accepted the relevant amendment/variation.


Data Collection



The Scheme primarily collects and keeps your personal data in the following circumstances:

1. when the list of Arts Ambassadors-in-School ("Ambassadors") announced by the HKADC;
2. when you submit any works (such as blog articles and other artworks) or make any statements.
2. Under general circumstances, the HKADC will not sell, trade or disclose any information or personal data you provided to us to any third party without your prior consent or notice to you. Only authorized staff of the HKADC can access to your personal information for administrative purposes without your authorization or notice to you.
3. Under special circumstances, the HKADC shall have the right to disclose or release your personal data to any third party without your prior consent or notice to you. The said special circumstances include the protection of the rights, interests, copyright and intellectual property rights of the HKADC and its users, and the investigation or inquiry of illegal activities and any procedures required by law and the protection of the personal safety of the users and general public, etc.
4. The HKADC reserves the right to use the personal data you provided for statistical and data analysis and may collect personal data and reserves the right to use the results derived from the statistical analysis of such information, which shall not include any personally identifiable information. The HKADC is the owner and proprietor of the results generated from such statistical analysis and reserves the right to announce, use and publish the same.
5. The Websites provides links to websites of third parties. As soon as you visit sites hosted under the other parties through the links provided by the Website, you are deemed to have left the Website and the HKADC is not in any way related to these third party's websites. The HKADC does not accept responsibility for the products or services or acts in connection with such third party's website. Moreover, such third party's website has its own set of privacy policies and practices and this Privacy Statement does not cover such third party practices. The HKADC accepts no responsibility for any security, confidentiality and data protection issues arising from any personal data you provide to these sites.


Data Security


1. Every Ambassador must use the email address which registered with the HKADC to log on the Website. Every Ambassador is provided with a private password to log on the Website at the first time and required to amend the password. Access to personal data stored inthe Website is only permitted with the use of password and registered email address.
2. The HKADC system will try to ensure that access to personal data is only permitted by using such password.
3. The Ambassador can use the password to log on the Website to change their personal information from time to time.
4. The HKADC reserves the right to verify the accuracy of any data submitted.
5. The HKADC endeavours to protect the confidentiality of personal data stored in the system of the HKADC but it does not give any warranties or representations of the safety and security of data transmission. In the event that you become aware of any unauthorized disclosure of your personal data, please contact us immediately. The HKADC reserves the right to take all actions in securing the safety and integrity of the HKADC as we deem appropriate, including without limitation monitoring, recording internet activities, internet protocol addresses, verifying user information, tracing and tracking information flow.
6. The Ambassador is responsible for maintaining the security of the password in your own possession and not to reveal your password to any third parties. HKADC is only responsible for the security of passwords stored within our system.
7. The Ambassador should avoid storing your password in the computer hard disk, and must close the browser window immediately after log out in order to prevent others from accessing your personal data.





By accessing or browsing, you have agreed to at all times abide by the following terms of use:

1. provide on all online and offline registration forms and other documents submitted to the HKADC all required information and such information must be accurate, up-to-date and complete;
2. maintain and update all information submitted to the HKADC from time to time, so as to keep them accurate, up-to-date and complete.
2. All access to, browsing of, registrations with or accounts under HKADC and other related privileges are liable to be terminated, for reasons of inactivity, breaching any of the terms or otherwise, at our sole discretion without any liability or recourse, with or without notice, to you.


Domain Names and IP Addresses


1. Every time you visit the Website, our network servers will automatically verify your IP address and the HKADC will use such data for visitor flow statistical and data analysis




1. When you log on the Website, HKADC may record the relevant data containing your browsing preferences (i.e. "cookies") through your browser to your computer hard disk, so that the site will be displayed according to the users' usual way of use on subsequent visits.
2. In order to provide appropriate and personalized information to individual registered users, the HKADC may send "cookies" to and collect information from users' computer hard disk through your browser.
3. Should you wish to refuse cookies, you may change your browser's settings, but such acts may interfere with your ability to use some of the services of the HKADC.