The 13th Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme Youth Arts Week Open for Registration!
16 Jun


Youth Arts Week: A Journey to the World of Arts X Technology


The brand new core activity, Youth Arts Week will be held during 6-10 August & 17-22 August 2021 via online and offline activities. Themed under "Arts x Technology", diversified arts activities, such as exhibitions, workshops, online streaming sessions, arts classes, gallery and screening sessions.

Arts ambassadors are invited to register now to enjoy the joy of arts. Let's breakthrough the limitations and add various technological elements to arts creation.


Requirements for certificate and activity allowance:

"Youth Arts Week" is one of the core activities of 13th edition of AAiSS. Arts ambassadors not only need to attend “Creative+ Arts Camp” but also have to fulfill the requirements below to obtain certificate and activity allowance ([remark]only for eligible arts ambassadors).

  1. Attend the opening ceremony on 6 August (online or offline);
  2. Participated in at least one of the "Arts x Technology" interactive exhibitions or online and offline workshops;
  3. If the activities in b) is fully booked, you may submit one of the items below on or before 31 August (Tue) to
  • attend one of the arts appreciation sessions (e.g. video works from video creation & exchange programme or online exhibition of sculpture course) and submit a review not less than 150 words or
  • submit your creation after joining the live streaming programmes


A certificate will be given to the arts ambassador after he/she has fulfilled the above requirements. The certificate and activity allowance (for eligible arts ambassadors) will be distributed in September to teacher-in-charge for handling.


[Remark]: Students who are eligible for "Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme" or "Working Family Allowance Scheme" (Low-income Working Family Allowance Scheme) and have submitted relevant supporting documents can obtain activity allowance after fulfilling the above requirements.


(For the details, please refer to the Chinese version.)