Call for Creativity (Round 3)
21 Mar

Outstanding write-ups by Arts Ambassadors will be selected and published in newspapers for public appreciation.  For the first time, AAiSS will call for articles on different topics including arts commentary and literary creations.  Arts Ambassadors may share their experiences in art or creative works through submissions.  Selected works will be featured in Sunny Campus, S-file or columns in The Standard.


Third Round of “Call for Creativity” is now open for application!


Primary School



Recommend an arts-related venue worth visiting in Hong Kong

(e.g. characteristics of the venue, the reasons why it is worth visiting)

No. of Words Chinese: 200 / English: 300 (upper limit)



Secondary School


Cultural Conservation:

“How to enhance the public awareness on Cultural Conservation in Hong Kong” 

Word Limit Chinese: 300 / English: 300



Submission via Online Application Form at



21 March, 2018




  1. The entry must be original.  The Council will not accept any infringement of the rights of others.
  2. No limited entries, but the same entry cannot be submitted again. 
  3. The Council would reserve the right to amend or to supplement or to cancel any of the activities.