Environment-friendly Arts Fair (Primary School Division)
1 Jun


Primary School Division

Environment-friendly Arts Fair 

We have encountered more upcycling in our daily living in recent years. The activities themed “Environment-friendly Arts Fair” encourage arts ambassadors to utilize recycled or natural materials in their arts creation and learn to be responsible for the globe.  


Arts Mentoring Classes - E-GoKart
  • Utilises the recycled materials to invent an E-Go Kart from basic structure, assembling and making control of the kart. The process is really fun and not as complicated as expected.


 Time 16:00-18:00
 Quota  18
 Arts Workshop –Environment-friendly Robots
  • Without any power supply, Arts Ambassadors can make use of the recycled materials like paper boxes, iron wires to create movable robots. 


Time 16:00-17:15
Quota 20
Creative Arts Booth A – Colorganic (on-site registration)

Arts Ambassadors can experience plant dyeing by making use of different natural resources and fabrics.


Time 12:00-12:3012:45-13:1513:30-14:00
Quota 10 per session
Creative Arts Booth B – Natural Printing (on-site registration)
  • Using plants as the dye and accessories, the artist would guide the Arts Ambassadors to polish the clothes which can become nice home decoration. 


Time 16:00-16:30、16:45-17-15、17:30-18:00
Quota 10 per session
Arts Experience Booths -  Necklace making
  • The artist will use the techniques of handling wood and copper pieces in creating accessories. Upcycling allows us to stimulate our creativity and make changes in lifestyle.


Time 16:00 - 18:00