Handcrafts Mix and Match (Secondary School Division)
1 Jun


Secondary School Division

Handcrafts Mix and Match

The theme “Handcrafts Mix and Match” encourages Arts Ambassadors to observe, analyse and present features of the surroundings. They can also explore different possibilities in arts creation, like making 3D works and making use of different materials.

Arts Mentoring Classes – Paper Dye Lamp Decoration
  • Arts Ambassadors can acquire the skills of paper dye and create a unique lamp decoration. 


Time 12:00-14:0016:00-18:00
Quota 20
Arts Workshop – Colour x Thread
  • In addition to painting, Arts Ambassadors can make use of threads to create layers on their works. 


Time 12:00-13:15
Quota 20
Creative Arts Booth A – Name Tag Creation (on-site registration)
  • The artist will introduce the making process of yarn and how to make use of the materials and colour to create a special name tag.


Time 12:00-12:3012:45-13:1513:30-14:00



10 per session



Creative Arts Booth B – Paper Art (on-site registration)
  • Various paper art skills like embossing or using symmetric patterns will be introduced to ambassadors. They are encouraged to express daily matters through their works.


Time 12:00-12:3012:45-13:1513:30-14:00
Quota 10 per session
Arts Experience Booths – Pop-up Book Creation
  • Taking Hong Kong and Family as the theme, Arts Ambassadors can express their unique stories in their pop-up books by using collage or painting.


Time 12:00-14:00