Theatre Arts (Primary School Division)
1 Jun


Primary School Division




Visual effects are becoming more common and important elements in theatre performances nowadays. Activities of “Theatre Arts” aim at inspiring ambassadors’ creativity in theatre while making use of digital technology. Arts ambassadors can have a different theatrical experiences by using projections, sound effects and lighting effects.


Arts Workshop – iTheatre


  • An alternative form of theatrical performance which was launched by Exploartion theatre in 2014, consisting of traditional performance skills and technologies. 
  • Arts ambassadors can make use of computer graphics in presenting stories.


 Time: 16:00-17:15
 Quota:  20
Creative Arts Booth B – Lighting Effect in Theatre (on-site registration)
  • Arts Ambassadors can learn how to imitate various sounds in daily lives and create atmosphere, such as nervious or peaceful with sound effects.


 Time: 16:00-16:30、16:45-17:15、17:30-18:00
Quota:  10 per session
Creative Arts Booth B – Lighting Effect in Theatre (on-site registration)
  • The workshop encourages Arts Ambassadors to learn the features of lighting effects and hand-make their own projection mold.


Time: 16:00-16:30、16:45-17-15、17:30-18:00
Quota: 10 per session
Arts Experience Booths – Halo Hello Hologram
  • The 3D-themed exercise allows ambassadors to easily create a 3D Hologram with tools such as cutter, plastic sheet and a mobile phone. All it takes is imagination as well as simple cutting and pasting.


Time 16:00-18:00