The 11th Arts-in-School Ambassadors Scheme – Call for Creativity (Round 1)
5 Nov


The Arts-in-School Ambassadors Scheme is now calling for submissions from arts ambassadors, encouraging them to share their experiences in learning arts through creative writing. Outstanding articles will have the chance to be published in Sunny Campus, S-file or columns in the Standard. Act now and share with us your distinctive learning experiences.


First Round of  "Call for Creativity" is now open for application! Go and apply NOW!!!


Primary School Division

Theme: A person has influenced you a lot in your journey of learning arts. For instance, an artist, your family or friend.
Word Limits: 250 (English) or 150 (Chinese)


Secondary School Division

Theme: How do arts change yourself? Have you ever met any interesting person or things in your journey of learning arts?
Word Limits:

300 (English) or 250 (Chinese)



Application Method

Online Application Form:



21st December, 2018



  1. The entry must be original. Plagiarism, infringement of the rights of others are forbidden.
  2. No limited entries required, but the same entry cannot be submitted again.
  3. The Hong Kong Arts Development Council would reserve the right to amend or to supplement or to cancel any of the activities.