6th AAiSS (2013/14) Nominate your ambassadors now!
19 Nov

The Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme (AAiSS) has organised diverse and exciting array of arts-related activities which motivated the Arts Ambassadors to use this artistic talents and potentials to the full. We have received enthusiastic response for “Recognition Ceremony” and “Visual Arts Competition”. Let us enjoy the highlights of the activities!
Recognition Ceremony – Cohort of Talented Arts Ambassadors 
The most solemn part of the annual Recognition Ceremony is the oath-taking of Arts Ambassadors who, in the presence of their teachers, parents and other guests, pledge their commitment to continue demonstrating their artistic flair and sharing the fun of the arts with others. The stage has been graced by more than 200 Arts Ambassadors mentored by 40 professional artists or professional arts groups from across arts disciplines over the past five years. The mentees, performing alongside their mentors, have wowed the audiences with their marvellous performances and took along with them many unforgettable and precious experiences.

Programme host of Gimme 5 and emcees of the 
1st - 5th AAiSS Recognition Ceremonies
Wong Tin-yee 
The AAiSS instils in the students a sense of mission to share their passion for the arts among their friends and peers in an official capacity. The recognition ceremony sets the perfect stage for putting into practice what they’ve learned and for further interaction and exchange among the students – a truly useful and instrumental occasion!
Eric Leung
The AAiSS creates a platform for students to showcase their talents and creations on one end and to interact directly with artists of different disciplines on the other.
Visual Arts Competition – 
Unleashing Cooperative Team Spirit
Introduced in the 2nd edition of the scheme, the annual competitions aim to unlock the talents of the Arts Ambassadors through team work.
. 18 Districts ID Design Competition (Adjudicators: Kan Tai-keung, Anothermountainman & Kurt Chan)
. ArTram: Fantasy Playground Design Competition (Adjudicators:Kacey Wong, Kong Khong-chang & Rainbow Leung)
. Dress HK UP: Eco-fashion Design Competition (Adjudicators:Man Fung-yi, Ranee Kwok & Pacino Wan)
. Short-film Go! Contest (Adjudicators:Lee Lik-chi, Jessey Tsang & Mo Lai)
Arts Ambassadors are encouraged to tap into the collective power of artistic creation by teaming up with fellow students of their respective schools and harnessing their imagination and creativity, and at the same time, spreading the messages of finding joy in the arts and inspiring the spirit of sharing.
The 6th AAiSS is going to hold the “Rebuild Your Dream City” Fabric Collage Competition. The arts ambassadors can produce an artwork of their dream city by using the collage of fabrics. Please read the “Competition Guidelines” for details.
Sharing the Fun of Arts for All
Each talented in their own way, Arts Ambassadors have emerged from their journeys in arts learning and creation with many fabulous experiences and interesting anecdotes to tell. And they will be offered the chance to do so on different mass media channels: Gimme 5 on RTHK Radio 2, Cultural Engine 4U on TVB, and S-File, Sunny Campus, Student Standard and Junior Standard published by the Sing Tao News Corp.
If you would like to participate in a series of fabulous activities, please do not hesitate! Join the 6th Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme NOW! Click HERE to download the nomination form and booklet!
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