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Creative Arts Workshops' Report

500 students from primary, secondary and special schools are nominated in the first Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme.


The Ambassadors have participated in the first activity of the Scheme, the Arts Creative Workshops during the Easter holiday. The Workshops gathered the Ambassadors and provided opportunities for them to know each other. With appreciation of different artworks and performances as well as meeting different talented artists, the Ambassadors were further inspired to create their works, shared their views with others and thus widen their vision. The Ambassadors enjoyed the Workshops much and more activities are anticipated.
You can now review the activities and experience the excitement of the Workshops again by visiting the Image Gallery. Workshop held on 14 April was also filmed by TVB and broadcasted in the program "After School" on 6 May 09. Please click here to watch the video.

The ceremony to mark the official appointment of the Ambassadors and another summer workshop are scheduled to take place at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium on 5 July and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts on 15-16 July respectively. Schools will be informed for further details in mid-June.