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10th Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme Open for Nomination Now!


Since its launch in 2008, the Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme (AAiSS) has amassed an alumni of more than 9,300 ambassadors from primary, secondary and special schools who have demonstrated their artistic talents and potentials while inviting others to partake in the fun of creating the arts, living out the cooperative spirit of ‘Live in Art, Thrive in Sharing’.

The AAiSS introduced the Arts Ambassadors-in-School Finale Party last year. The newly designed Finale Party enables Arts Ambassadors to enhance their enjoyment in the arts through different activities. Entering its 10th edition, AAiSS will present again the Finale Party in addition to new enhancement courses and an exciting array of arts activities.


In its 10th edition, the Scheme will encourage ambassadors to take part in a variety of arts activities, including:


AAiSS Finale Party (core activity)

The one-day finale party will be held at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. Through activities such as exhibitions, stage performances, sharing sessions, creative arts booths and arts experience workshops, Ambassadors can lead their peers and relatives to participate and share their arts experience and learning outcomes with others.




Creative+ Arts Day Camp (core activity)

The full day programme will lead the Arts Ambassadors into the world of art. They will have the chance to take part in artwork appreciation, arts creation activities and interactive sharing sessions.




* To motivate Arts Ambassadors to accomplish their missions, they are required to draft a proposal of promoting arts in schools. The nominating teachers have to confirm the fulfillment of pledges before the end of the academic year. Each ambassador will receive a certificate of recognition and HK$500 scholarship after completion of his/her plan and the two core activities.


Arts Training Enhancement Courses 2018

Four courses will be held from February to July 2018, including Visual Arts x Arts Admin, Musical Performance, Literature x Theatre and Multimedia.



Summer Rendezvous

A series of "Summer Rendezvous" activities will be launched in which Arts Ambassadors can enjoy an in-depth exchange with artists from different art forms. Arts Ambassadors will be able to visit the artists' studios or performance venues, and talk with local artists face-to-face to appreciate their artwork and to learn their interesting stories behind.


Arts Buddies (Secondary School Division)

Through a series of diversified and interactive arts activities, Arts Buddies enhance their arts knowledge and appreciation ability. Their skills in sharing arts experiences with others as well as in general communication are sharpened. An interactive learning community is established to facilitate exchange among Arts Buddies and to cultivate lifelong learning of the arts.


Nomination details:


  • Each school is allowed to nominate 2 candidates

  • Criteria of nomination: strong interest in art, positive attitude with future arts-related career in mind, readiness to serve the society with artistic talents

  • Student’s artistic expertise: expertise in any art form is welcome



Click here  to download the launch scheme booklet & nomination form 

Online Nomination at http://www.aaissdb.hk/


Nomination Deadline: 5 January 2018 (Fri)