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City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) Come Across


A sophisticating and innovative double bill by two acclaimed choreographers: Hong Kong Dance Awards winner Noel Pong and Korean all-rounder Kim Jaeduk, bringing a unique dual experience to the audience.


Nuts'hell by Noel PONG

Rehearsal photos of Nuts’hell © Jerry QIU

Inspired by the controversial Rosenhan Experiment, Hong Kong dancer-turned choreographer Noel Pong breaks through the surface to look for truth in this seemingly normal but in fact insane world.

When the boundary between normal and abnormal becomes vague,

Black and white becomes grey.

We no longer live with reason but let the world go mad.

Rationality is gone.

Who defines right and wrong?


Jangdan by KIM Jaeduk

Rehearsal photo of Jangdan ©Jerry QIU

Korean choreographer Kim Jaeduk, works with CCDC for the first time, bringing his new dance Jangdan. Kim will not only act as choreographer, he will also be the composer, mixing Korean traditional tunes, taekkyeon and contemporary dance and challenging dancers’ techniques with rhythmic beats in a new Korean style.


Programme Information


8 Dec 2018 (Sat)


8 p.m.


Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre




All arts ambassadors


10 (Arts ambassadors can each bring one family member or friend, tickets are available on a first-come first-served basis)


Please refer to the programme website


Please click here for registration 


* Successful applications will receive confirmation email or call from CCDC on 6 Dec 2018. Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.

* Successful applicants who cannot attend the event, please contact the Admin Office at 2820 1036 one day prior to the event. Free tickets may not be distributed to arts ambassadors who are absent without valid reasons in future.


Registration deadline: 5 Dec 2018 (Wed)